Hussein Al Mohsen


Hussein mysti

Hussein Al Mohsen is a Saudi-based artist, whose artworks have graced numerous international and local exhibitions, both as solos and group shows.

“A piece of visual arts plays a big role in our lives, sometimes looking at a cover magazine and its title inspires the artist where he starts constructing images in mind and just goes along with living this experience; reaching an area where he needs to visually communicate.”

Hussein believes that visual art is an important medium in making people see and perceive the truth. His latest works allows the viewers to experience a visual journey, where color and the connotations associated with it play an important part in beautifying what the artist is trying to convey through his art.   

His solo shows include I Can’t Find the Truth, Dar AlFunoon Art Gallery, Kuwait [2016], Ayah, XVA Art Gallery, Dubai [2016], The Untitled Time, Lam Art Gallery, Riyadh [2014], I Love You Green, XVA Gallery, Dubai [2012], Memories and Mirages, The Running Horse Contemporary Art Space, Beirut [2010], Blue Stories, Desert Design, Al Khobar [2007] and The Season of Return Exhibitions in Bahrain Arts Society,  Ohoud Gallery, Riyadh and Atelier, Jeddah [2004].