On the meaning of “Return”
On the meaning of “Home”
Since we are... on the other side of the catastrophe
We returned home...
And we were forced to redefine it!
Although the very essence of our freedom has been undermined – we are moving inwards...
Towards the open space where our thoughts and imagination float freely

To those who found the lockdown period to be one of discovery; those who, by maintaining distance, found themselves...
Those who realized humanity lies in simple, yet profound, acts...
The exhibition seeks to unveil new ways to connect and react with the crisis, highlight the importance of thoughts and feelings, form new connections, and try to perceive everything that has happened from different angles.

Participating Artists:

    •    Obeid Alsafi  
    •    Dalia Al Akki & Sarah Yousef
    •    Saeed Gamhawi
    •    Hammoud Al-Atawi
    •    Dr. Saad Howede
    •    Khaled Al-Marzouki

About the Curator:

Diaa Youssef; Cultural Advisor, Founder and Director of Creative Space “Sidra Arts”, Artist, and Freelance Filmmaker

Born in 1979, Diaa Youssef has worked in the cultural field for 20 years, presenting a model for intensive research in culture. She has demonstrated various means of intellectual and spiritual change of the way we perceive life. As a professional in artistic and cultural content, and as a worker in the field of cinema and contemporary art, Diaa offers her space for shared research with a large group of creators.