Over the past few years Hazem Harb has developed a multifaceted practice, where he has worked with painting, video, drawing, sculpture and installation. His work pivots around examining and laying bare structures and apparatuses of power and hierarchies. Hazem has been preoccupied lately with questions around architecture and destruction: how and when does architecture cease to be an oppressive apparatus? How do certain architectural styles museumize a people? While other styles shelter others? How can sculpture counter architecture? How can sculpture be non-monumental? questions that are posed throughout the exhibition to initiate a discussion.

Curated by Lara Khaldi, the exhibition will include a new large body of work which Hazem has been engaged with over the past year. It will feature a new series of collages, where archival photographs of Palestine pre 1948 are juxtaposed with the heaviness of concrete blocks, wave breakers, lines, and black squares and rectangles. Hazem combines a formal language with his research into Palestinian history and architecture, he attempts an aesthetic language based on the politics of form. The exhibition will also feature architectural models and sculptures, a series of projected sculptures and other major installations. In addition a series of short videos will be projected in the video room.

A publication comprising Harb’s sketches for the past year and contributions by writers and curators will accompany the exhibition.