Athr Gallery is proud to present its 4th edition of YSA -- a biennial exhibition for young Saudi-based artists. The exhibition is the conclusion of an extensive call-out which was open to both Saudi nationals and residents living in Saudi that were between the age of 15 and 30.  Athr will be showcasing up-and-coming local artists who work across a range of styles and mediums. The Athr team and a group of influential judges carefully selected the winning artwork. The selected work will be presented a group exhibition opening May 12, 2105 

The core objective of YSA is to encourage the youth to create work that can initiate dialogue.  This year’s exhibition is centered on 60%. According to statistics, we, the youth, make up more than 60% of Saudi’s total population.  

To many, the youth culture is perceived as a public issue: an image that is constantly perpetuated on society. There have been numerous studies that address our state: a preoccupation that has even included examining how satisfied we are with our lives.  The “issue” is an exhausted topic, but why?

We are at a defining tipping moment between the old generation and the new. Our perception and outlook of society, and the direction it’s heading towards, differs from theirs in more ways than one. Technology and modern-day communication are prominent factors that have molded us into who we are today; they made us both disconnected and connected to both our society and the world at large.  We are subjects of an indefinite limbo status.

60% will be a re-introduction to us: a type of “meet and greet”; a time capsule to capture our pulse. 


  1. Abdulaziz Al-Harbi
  2. Ateth
  3. Deema Merdad
  4. Eshrag Al-Jehani
  5. Fares Bin Afiif
  6. Faris Al-Osaimi
  7. Fatimah Ba-Agil
  8. Filip Kramarsic
  9. Ghalih Al-Zhrani
  10. Humod Al-Ghamdi
  11. Hussain Al-Ismail
  12. Mada Al-Zahrani
  13. Maha Abdullmatlob
  14. Majid Angawi
  15. Mariam Bukhamsin
  16. Mashail Faqeeh
  17. Meshal Al-Obaidallah
  18. Nada Seet
  19. Noor Al-Saif      
  20. Ramlaa Al-Halal
  21. Reem Al-Nasser
  22. Saleh Hamza
  23. Sarah Taibah
  24. Seema Al-Abdulhai
  25. Suliman Raqy
  26. Wa'ad Al-Mujalli
  27. Yousef Yahya




Oussama Rifahi is the Executive Director, Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC. Previously, he was managing director for Museum Development in New York with Global Cultural asset management, and provided cultural consultancy services to governments, cities, foundations and private collectors in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.


Dr. Effat Abdullah Fadag is Dean of Hekma School of Design and Architecture, and Acting Chair for Interior Design Department at Dar Al Hekma University. She is also an Assistant Professor in the Islamic Art Department at King Abdulaziz University.


Sarah Rifky is a writer and curator based in Cairo, Egypt. She is co-founder of Beirut, an art initiative and exhibition space in Cairo. She is director of CIRCA (Cairo International Resource Centre for Art). 


Rehana Mughal is Head of Arts Partnership Development in the Gulf for the British Council. She is an experienced cultural partnerships leader, and works with the six GCC countries to build partnerships and design regional arts programmes with multiple partners across the region


Miriam Lloyd-Evans is Lead Curator for International Engagement in the Middle East at the British Museum. Previously, she worked as Head of Exhibitions and Publications at Edge of Arabia, where she was involved in more than 10 major international exhibitions. She regularly gives curator-led tours and talks, and writes on contemporary Middle Eastern art, culture and calligraphy for select publications.