The title 'Tesselation' is derived both from the action of creating a 2D plane with geometric shapes, and the history of making images through "tessera".

The exhibition proposes artists of a geographical focus of origins in the MENA region (middle east north africa) and the neighboring connections of Iran and Turkey, and bringing (meshing) pieces together that will suggest a weave of stories. Also, the works chosen are conceptually driven or aesthetically deceiving.

The exhibition will juxtapose emerging and sustained artists which are dissecting  the stories of now. The selection of artists focus on, but not limited to, those who
employ mediums of photo, video, multi and mixed-media, and performance.

Within the exhibition, subcategories include works that deal with personal identity, that use a form of tessellation in developing their work; works that refer back to heritage, craft or ornamentation; and works that discover geographical scapes, borders and territory.

Tesselation Make Up could be visited between September 15th-October 20th at Galeri Zilberman in Misir Apartments Building in Istanbul. 

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