Transformations of space and time, Harb’s latest video installation, explores the futility of societal development amidst an ever conflicted era.

Harb presents a video projection depicting items of clothing carelessly dropped in the sea, repetitively washing up against the shore. This video is projected on the floor, against what appears to be a rusted iron structure.

The juxtaposition of the cold, harsh metal, against the softer, more organic motion of the water serves to emphasise the disparities between the two. The iron structure’s significance is two fold.

On the one hand, as it rests on the floor against the projection of the lapping waves, it presents itself as a reinforced sea defense, a groyne of sorts, defiantly countering the movement of the water.

On the other hand, the iron structure is familiarly identifiable as a building material, contributing to relentless urban sprawls.

Harb, of Palestinian origin, identifies his roots as deeply resonant within such a context, where the futility of the all too familiar cyclical nature of construction, destruction and reconstruction of his surroundings comes at a cost to human life, represented here by the lifeless motion of the washed up clothes.