And Along Came Polyester observes the observing. Here, five women from the Gulf traverse through the personal, and reference economic, domestic, architectural, nostalgic, and cathartic processes and fluxes within their work.

They themselves and their observed surroundings are a result of a singular discovery that affected their already constantly shifting geo-political, socio-economical and religious communities.


It came along in abundance, and it had many byproducts.

The material and the immaterial of these byproducts have lived in cohesion and collision.

They have shaped the narratives of these landscapes, and thus shaped their women.


She Wore Her Scars Like Wings comes from the personal and demonstrate a journey of healing for the artist. The works covered in thick strokes of paint, interrupted with bold lines of color depict deformed and mangled wings, rising from the collision of strokes and dripping paint. The works provoke an emotional response, and realize a moment of both intimacy and vulnerability, but also strength and perseverance. Her works attempt to shed light on our emotional state, and pose as reminders of our natural ability to heal and overcome.