Spacetoons features eleven emerging artists from the Gulf who mediate sci-fi-futurist tropes, internet references, shifting landscapes and cross-regional experiences that signal the ‘accelerated future.’

Misk Art Institute has partnered with Athr Gallery to present Spacetoons, an exhibition curated by Zain Al Saie, a promising alumna from the Institute’s Curatorial Collective Course.

Spacetoons takes precedence from Spacetoon TV, a pan–Arab cartoon network that began broadcasting children's television programs at the turn of the millennium. The network’s official slogan “Shabab Al Mostaqbal ''  is  a nod to the agency of its target audience, the channel’s pedagogical value, and the generation that it shaped.

This exhibition focuses on the entertainment industry in the region as a medium to navigate utopias that encompass screens, our everyday lives, and national aspirations. In effect, these animate a playful discussion towards imaginative and realized utopias in Saudi, and the Arabian Gulf at large.


Curator: Zain Al Saie


Ziad Kaki

Abdullah Al Thawab

Ahaad Al Amoudi

Moza Al Matrooshi

Meshal Al Jaser

Sarah Abu Abdullah

Moath Alofi

Amr Alngmah

Aziz Jamal

Lulwa Al Yahya

Mohamed Khalid