ATHR is proud to present its 7th edition of Young Saudi Artist.

From the form of spirit to the spirit of form.

Since its inception, the art of calligraphy has been reinventing itself with the introduction of every new tool and technology. In contemporary times and over the span of just a few generations, the spirit of this sacred art has been molded into numerous forms. Originally ignited by a spiritual message, encapsulated in the arrangement of lines and strokes, now calligraphy takes multiple forms, mediums, and medias. the invention of the letter press, typewriter, and the digitization of text all enriched the art that we now call “contemporary calligraphy”.    

In this year’s edition of YSA, we join the nationwide celebration of the significance of Arabic calligraphy, and for the first time, opened our call for submissions to the Arab world, asking young talents from the MENA region to join in our celebration. We received an array of impressive traditional and contemporary explorations of Arabic calligraphy. Calligraphers, artists, photographers, and designers all sent in their interpretations of what contemporary calligraphy is to them. 

Through a rigorous multilayered judging process lead by esteemed names in the world of the Arabic letter, we are pleased to share with you this year’s 19 artists, each of the developed artworks encapsulates a different form of the spirit of this sacred art, recording the current moment in this art’s timeless journey of advancement as technologies and tools evolve. 

- Dr. Rawaa Bakhsh


Participating Artists:



The exhibition opens on 29 November 2021 at Space 01 Athr Gallery Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.