ATHR is proud to present Darb, a solo show by Abdulaziz Al Rashidi.

Al Rashidi is an artist who lives in Medina as much as this Holy city lives within him, so he rarely leaves it!

He finds peace inside it, in his solitary corner, conversing, in particular, with the calligraphy persistently and trying to take it to new dimensions and treading through paths that have not been taken before and highlighting their hidden beauty, captivating and astonishing us whenever he ornaments, reduces or sails us to a new horizon.

Abdul Aziz tells us that his first surprise was with the ink, the pouring ink that only the one who got hold of its rules can command. Approximately 95 percent of calligraphers remain committed to these rules, and Abdul Aziz refuses but to be different, stepping boldly into a deep sea to explore its depths.

His real breakthrough was when he obtained the drawing exercise book made by calligrapher Hashem al-Baghdadi in 1987. He spent seven years imitating this book to finally find his passion and soul in Arabic calligraphy. He was then taught by great teachers including Adel Berry and Ahmed Diaa. He also met with other teachers during that period, including Shafiq Zaman, Muhammad Bashir and Dr. Abdel Aziz Mustafa Najat Al-Din.

In the Department of Arts at King University (no such university in either language) in Medina, he was taught the art of Islamic decoration in Kufic calligraphy by Professor Mustafa Abdul Rahim until he settled in the wide sea of Hassan Al-Masudi, followed his path and continued to imitate him until he set out from there to a world of revelation and beauty with a style full of vibrant life, and here we are Today, inviting you to walk this path.

The exhibition opens on 01 December at Space 02, ATHR Jeddah.