ATHR Gallery is pleased to announce the participation of Saudi artist, Ahaad Al-Amoudi at Art Basel with a solo presentation of her latest series, Keep It Up, People. The Night Is Young!

‘Keep it up People. The Night is Young’ is a multi-media exhibition of works by Ahaad Al-Amoudi that explore the precarity of our contemporary times, as statis, through the language of the globally observed sport: football. The presentation appropriates the game’s visual imagery as the ultimate art object, organic and sculptural, wrestling with its sustained flow of reach to the masses as site of critical intervention. Drawn from a, ‘keepie uppie’, a recognized maneuver in the sport, in which the player juggles a football without allowing it to hit the ground, highlighting the ball’s motion in flight as allegory to demonstrate the incessant flux we exist in.

The works grapples with an endless process of reinvention, creating tension and suspense between the event, performer, and audience. As urgency is built through a statis of imagery, the popular sport transforms into a form whose function is a reality rendered artificial in the brief, demonstrating an intrinsic impact of extraneous forces and the exigency of adapting to the dynamic.

‘Keep it up People. The Night is Young’ offers a glimpse into the internal affairs of people. Through the experience of football, the persistent pushing and pulling of the copious pressures of life and their management is illustrated. It offers the hope and possibility of, as with ball games, the mastering of these dynamic external and internal forces to thrive at the top of your game.