And Make Me Light by Farah Behbehani, Fantasia A World Between Reality and Imagination by Asma
Bahmim, and Keep Smiling by Daniah Al Saleh. Behbehani’s exhibit, curated by Saudi
curator Jumana Ghouth, is a journey in faith through modern lenses, exploring various
manifestations of light and how it affects objects to create a spiritual, illuminative
narrative. Bahmim’s exhibit, curated by Yasmeen Tukan, carries the ancient tradition of
storytelling via animal characters, and delves into that fantastic world between states of
consciousness to tell contemporary tales that deliver us lessons in morality, philosophy,
and society. Bahmim uses techniques found in book-making and illustration to tell her
stories, emulating traditional art practices with a contemporary rendition. Al Saleh’s
exhibit, curated by Jerome Neuters, is a study of the linguistic phenomenon emojis have
fostered in how we communicate and express ourselves, using both illustration and AI
computing to showcase that transformation.