"Fantasia: A World Between Reality and Imagination" is an exhibition 

that features dialogues between animals, whether they are lions or 

birds. All of these fables carry moral messages that we lack today

Bahmim created fictional animals for contemporary topics; we see the 

fox with a wing of gold, the turtle with a shell packed with precious 

stones, and the king of elephants debating Fairouz the rabbit by the 

Moon pond. 

The artist sought to provide moral wisdom gained from stories passed 

down from one generation to the other through books and folktales 

about mythical creatures found in popular culture and human heritage

The tiger protects the cornfields, while the sharp-sighted and 

quick-witted peregrine falcon, also known as "Al-Shaheen", guards 

the horizon. These events take place outside the ordinary, in a fictional 

world full of wisdom, sermons, and imaginary creatures that depend 

on miniatures