21,39 Summer Edition: Public/Private Exhibition

June 8, 2019

ATHR would like to congratulate Bricklab on curating the first summer edition of 21,39

Curated by:  Bricklab (Abdulrahman/Turki Gazzaz)
Preview: June 8, 6-11pm (free and open to the public) 
Location: Historical Jeddah (Al-Balad) 

1. Carlos Cruz-Diez / Crosswalk
2. Mammafotogramma / Al-Ba‍llo‍on
3. Manal Aldowayan / I Had No Wings
4. Nasser Alshememry & Blank Studio / The Vortex
5. Alaa Tarabzouni / Al-Som
6. Aziz Jamal / Guest Soap
7. Emy Kat / Assemblage
8. Ahad Alamoudi / I’m Here Next to You; Can You Hear Me?
9. Rashed Al Shashai / +3 Centimeters
9. Rashed Al Shashai / +3 Centimeters
10. Traumnovelle / Palace of Cultures
11. James Turrell / Sedna
12. Hajra Waheed / Video Installation Project 1-10


21,39 Summer edition is composed of the following  artist-led components: 

Public/Private: an exhibition of sculpture, photography, video, and sound art
Curated by: Bricklab
The main exhibition, titled Public/Private, is a series of indoor and outdoor installations that engage with the street, the plaza, the house, and the sidewalk. Works are reframed outside the white walls of the gallery and actively integrate themselves in the banal space of the street within the spectacular timeframe of the event.

The Waves Won’t Stop When You Leave: a series of site-specific street art interventions and community initiatives
Curated by: Basmah Felemban
These personal narratives with the urban environment, weave through the narrative of the exhibition. 

CoSpace: a book fair of collected commercial and independent publishers
Curated by: Studio Bound
Assistant Curator: Sarah Elnawasrah
The fair is an exhibition of personal narratives by artists from around the region about public space and its decline. Taking the ‘Zine’ as a very intimate mode of communication, the book fair content would support the entire narrative by contextualizing it in photos, writings, and drawings. 

Fields of Expression: a performance art program
Curated by: Nada Almojadedi
The baraha is regarded here as the receptacle which houses a number of performances. The role of the spectator should be challenged by blurring the lines between observation and participation. The theatricality of performance art is arguably one of the strongest mediums to communicate the role of the citizen in the public realm.

In the presence of Truth & In the Presence of Play: Sound performance, and outdoor installation, 
Curated by: Zahra Bundak

ATHR is pleased to take part in the inaugural of 21, 39 Summer edition with a commission at Rubat Al-Khunji with In the presence of Truth is a two-person sculptural and sound installation by Reem Al-Nasser and Batool Al-Shomrani, featuring site-specific works that aim to diffuse the notion of public and private spaces as mere descriptions of physical realms. 
Adjacent to the building itself, "Barhat Baleela” is an outdoor space that  Mohammed Alfaraj dedicated to a collaborative work he developed by conducting workshops with children from the neighborhood titled In the Presence of Play. 

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