Abdul Aziz Al Rashidi



Born in 1983 in Madinah, Al-Rashidi holds a BA in Arts Education from King AbdulAziz University, Jeddah. It was during his undergraduate studies when he began learning Arabic calligraphy under the tutelage of many prominent calligraphers including: Ahmad Diya Ibrahim, a former student of the late Hamed El Amdi, Professor Abdul Aziz Mousatafa, a former student of renowned calligrapher Hasan Jalabi, Professor Mousatafa Abdel Rahim, a former student of the Holy Prophet’s mosque’s calligraphers Professor Shafik El Zaman, and Mouhamad Shafik ElAdlabi.


Al-Rashidi taught educational media and calligraphy techniques at the University of Tayba, in Madinah. He subsequently became the Head of Arabic calligraphy at the Institute of Arts and Education in the same city, where he now works as a Professor of Arts Education. He has offered many projects and workshops on Arabic calligraphy and they are considered to be the most notable classes being taught in Madinah.


Al-Rashidi has participated in numerous arts and calligraphy exhibitions including King Fahd at the Prophet's Mosque, Madinah.


He has won numerous national prizes in calligraphy, and has been recognized by the Kingdom’s Ministry of Education for his book on calligraphy.