Daniah Al Saleh


Dania Al Saleh, Room with View 0Ù¡

Daniah’s work is centered on the use of geometry as an elevated communicative tool; a dimension that beautifies the written word, whilst simply contextualizing the truth behind the meaning of the thought intended.

Born in Riyadh in 1970, Daniah showed an interest in art from a very young age, and found herself drawn to patterns and colors. She completed her understudies in Computer Applications at King Saud University in Riyadh. Her education would influence her work; she would compare geometry with the skill of logically implementing basic formulas to solve and create the most complex of programs. As an example, in geometry: the circle is a basic form that can achieve the most intricate designs.

However, it was her visit to the 1993 Venice Biennale that introduced her to conceptual and contemporary art.  This experience would differ from her very limited experience with Saudi art – which at the time was almost nonexistent or adhered to conventional methods and ideas in  paintings.

Over the years, she would take many short courses that would further her understanding of this art form. The most significant was a course at Darat Saifa Bin Zagar delivered by the Prince’s School of Traditional Art. Her work would essentially be influenced by traditional Islamic principles; to which she then translates into a more contemporary content; therefore a more contemporary aesthetic. Her use of watercolors as a medium transforms these sacred patterns into a more translucent structure and form.

Her choice of subjects to address vary from the presumed-trivial to the exhausted-substantial:

“My thought process for each piece of work starts from a vision I see triggered by an emotion or a visual assault from everyday mundane events. Whether it is a still life transformed into a biomorphic drawing, or human behavioral traits that evolve into shapes and color”