Art Dubai: calm and collected

March 18, 2016 - By Caroline Roux for The Telegraph

" Who’d have thought, for example, that one of my favourite pieces would come from Saudi Arabia at at the dynaamic Athr Gallery based in Jeddah? But Saddek Wasil’s twisted metal figures set into found pieces of crumbling masonry (backed with beautiful tiles from Mecca) are wistful evocations of isolation and loss. Like many artists in the region, Wasil has a day job (he’s a doctor), and makes his art in his father’s garage in his downtime. "


Aya Haider

Ayman Yossri Daydban

Dana Awartani

Danaia Al Saleh

Hazem Harb

Jowhara Al Saud

Mohammed Abdelrasoul

Nasser Al Salem

Poklong Anading

Saeedk Wasil

Sara Abdu

Seckin Pirim

Zahra Al Ghamdi




Zahrah Al Ghamdi