Just Another Brick

Saleh: It was chaos, and you know that could have never lasted. Things needed to change. We can’t be stuck in the past. Moving forward is inevitable.


Khalid: There is memory in this chaos! There are roots to who we are! Who are we without them? And on what basis do we move forward? Things aren’t clear. Show me how this change is best for everyone. Show me clarity!


Saleh: Things are clear. You just don’t want to face reality. It’s obviously a plan for a better tomorrow.


Khalid: What is obvious really? It’s what we’re told. Yet questions can’t be asked clearly, and answers can’t be given clearly.


Saleh: Nothing lasts, Khalid! Why worry about what will be gone? This is what you’ve lost? Rocks? Bricks? What does it bring you? There’ve been bricks before these, and there will be bricks after these. That... That is just another brick in a wall.