Ziad Dalloul, born in 1953, studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus, as well as at Écolenationale des Arts décoratifs in Paris. Today, he is one of the most prominent artists in the course of Arabic contemporary art.


Through the effort made in his visual artworks and his philosophical approach, Dalloul strives to draw an allegorical world where things are emptied of their direct meaning and familiar attributes and filled with a concept of interrogation. To achieve this purpose, he uses a visual alphabet governed by its own special rules that are based on what is acquired cognitively and technically, putting the visual logic in the balance of doubt and probability. 


During a visit to his workshop, his paintings stretched before our eyes, forming a panorama of a codified world that reflected his large triptychs: each painting is a part of an endless picture that seems both complementary and contradictory like the succession of night and day, a dialogue between wind and silence, and the intermingling of water and trees. All in that world incites us to enter it. These are paintings which invite you to their banquet for the celebration of nature and things. There was one plain truth though: beauty lied in contemplation.


The Al-Mansouria Foundation for Culture and Creativity has wished to present the first exhibition of the artist ZiadDalloul in Jeddah, in collaboration with Athr Gallery, aiming to introduce observers of the cultural scene and art lovers to this unique experience of an artist who lives and works in Paris since three decades. He is represented by one of the finest Parisian galleries and participates in the lively art demonstrations organized in the city.


-          Al-Mansouria