ATHR is proud to present Letters: Fragments of Memories at Warehouse 421. The exhibition will be open from March 15 up to April 15 and will feature the works of Abdulkareem Qasem, Ahmed Mater, Aya Haidar, Ayman Yossri, Hajra Waheed, Hazem Harb, Joseph Rodriguez, Manal Al Dowayan, Moath Alofi, Muhannad Shono, Nadine Kanso, Rayyan Tabet, Rund Alarabi, Saddek Wasil and Sara Rahbar.      

Omar Saif Ghobash's 'letters' to his 'young Muslim’ [son] serves as the pivot around which artists respond in this latest exhibition by ATHR.

In the contemporary globalized world we live in,shaped by money, military and media, finding space to value the authentic is a feat in and of itself. Each chapter in the book presents a personal letter from Ghobaish to his son, based on an aspect of Islam prevalently misunderstood and misinterpreted in wider society. Ghobash carefully unpicks it factually based on his immediate life experience. What simmers to the top are fine bubblesof wisdom, open mindedness and judiciousness, adhering firmly to the forward thinking and openness of Islam.

Letters: Fragments of a Memory takes the first theme explored in Ghobash’s book as the basis from which invited international artists present works - be it as a direct commentary, themed inspiration or candid response. The exhibition offers a multi layered approach to this concept.

Letters: Fragments of a Memory looks at the specific moments in history that have influenced a modern day paradigm shift and shaped future narratives for Muslim youth across the region. What distinct historical events are impacting the region today? How are the youth shaped by these past historical events? How will their future be influenced as a result ?

ATHR will present a larger scale exhibition of Letters during Abu Dhabi Art in November 2018, which will run for two months. The larger scale exhibition will include other sub-themes in the book; Landscapes, Youth and Other, Probable Questions, Power of Language and The Grey Area.

This cross fertilization within each sub-category generates waves of dialogue, further emphasizing the conceptual depth and breadth of the continued interpretation of religion in today's world.