Through The Spectrum

The exhibition bases its foundation around Luminism and the relationship that the containment of light has between our environment and our engagement with it.

Renowned artists are showcasing seminal works, each treats light in a unique way allowing the viewer to immerse oneself into the light through variable formations and positioning. These installations of light are put together to exceed their material, thus allowing a flow of transcendent effects on the viewer, to steer and expand the human consciousness.

This experiential and interactive exhibition sets to subvert notions of light and space as we understand them, and the cross overs these may have in playing with our perceptions and psychology. All together are intended to explore the human visual perception, and how both light and color affect our emotions or change the way we feel within a space.

One artist creates a sensorial representation of unlimited possibilities of the imagination and of existence.  These representation are created out of chaos—the experience of infinity within us.

While other artists explore color theory and pushes the boundaries of light to divide and redefine space all the while blurring the lines between each hue and indeed our visual perception of it.

Whether the gradual adjustment of color around one room renders it unperceivable, or if one is met with the sheer starkness of color in the next, they all require the reliable rendering of the eye to distinguish the stability of the space and the accuracy of the color of the original environment.

What is experienced depends on their physical positioning within the space, coupled with their own psychological state and visual perception. The ephemeral nature of transitory light shifts the stability within our understanding of 3 dimensional space as we have grown to know it, allowing for a new perception of how we view our surrounding reality to be created.


Participating artists: Ahmed Mater, Anne Senstad, Carlos Cruz-Diez, James Turrell, Leo Villareal, Nasser Al Salem, and Robert Irwin.

This exhibition is in collaboration with Pace Gallery.