“ Distance makes the art grow fonder “ –– Maan Movement 


Art has always been an expression of the human condition in all its forms, history has all its stories, and the COVID-19 pandemic has a story in the present and soon a story from history.

Stories will pass, and this is the being of this worldly life and what remains of it are preaching and judgment, and how we interact with what is going on in our present, our past and our future. At Athar, we decided to take the initiative and be part in directly supporting art by creating a beautiful and generous production circle and in cooperation with a group of artists to produce limited-edition artworks to support fellow emerging artists, and together we pledged to share 50% ؜ of sales for the first 25 copies of each workers to support artistic production And research, after 25 copies, 25% of sales will be donated


Indeed, support was granted through the Ma'an Fund for the artists who submitted production proposals approved by the Impact Committee and Supporting Artists, and in Insignia 2020 we present some of the works that were the product of this circle of giving and art, and we highlight the importance of local art and the importance of supporting it.

Maan Artists: 

Manal AlDowayan, Nasser Al Salem, Dana Awartani, Ayman Yossri Dydaban, Sultan Bin Fahad, Ahmed Mater, and Muhannad Shono, 


Participating Maan Grantees: 

Heba Abed, Miznah Abdullah, Omnia Abdulqadir, Dalia Al Akki, Meshal Al-Obaidallah, Faisal Alohali, Munira Altheeb, Elham Dawsari, Amr Najma, Rajaa Alhaj and Yasmeen Sudairy. 

For more information, please contact Abrar alqayem at abrar@athrart.com 

For more about Maan Editions: https://www.maaneditions.com/