Art Dubai 2013

Twisted metallic sculptures, monumental public installations, compelling art and bold ideas - Jeddah’s Athr Art Gallery are returning to Dubai for Art Week 2013 with their most significant engagement with the city’s annual celebration of Middle Eastern and international art to date.

Renowned for their panoramic approach to supporting and highlighting artists from not only Saudi Arabia but across the Middle East in a multitude of global exhibitions, projects and collaborations, Athr Gallery’s increasing global profile has rocketed in recent months.

Participating in the gallery’s booth in Art Dubai are Ayman Yossri Daydban, Hazem Harb, Ahmed Mater, Nasser Al Salem, Sami Al Turki and Saddek Wasil.

Ayman Yossri Daydban’s work was recently shown at Art Berlin Contemporary, to widespread critical acclaim. In his ‘Subtitles Concept’ and ‘Flag Concept’ projects at Art Dubai, the Palestinian-born Jordanian/Saudi Arabian artist grapples with issues relating to identity and national histories. Palestinian-born performance and installation artist Hazem Harb is currently in the ascendant, following a successful appearance at London’s Art13 fair earlier this March. At Art Dubai, he is showing work from his ‘Beyond Memory Concept’, which uses the Israeli separation wall in occupied Palestine as a powerful metaphor for human isolation and endurance.

Ahmed Mater, now represented by Athr Art Gallery, will be making a significant contribution to the UAE’s Art Week program. As well as showing work at the Sharjah Biennial, Mater will be at Art Dubai with further excerpts from his ongoing photographic project Artificial Light/‘Desert Of Pharan. A major work which has already been acclaimed for its depth and sensitivity Artificial Light/‘Desert Of Pharan is a richly textured contemplation on the modes of social and economic evolution currently driving change in Mecca. In addition to this series, Mater will also be showing work from his internationally acclaimed ‘Illuminations Concept’ series.

Meccan artist, Nasser al Salem is showing a range of pieces that reference his background in architecture and fascination with calligraphy, blending elements of these two disciplines with powerful effect. Al Salem is one of the artist shortlisted for the Victoria and Albert Museum Jameel Prize.

Sami al Turki’s selection of photographic works highlights the ongoing progress of this exciting and talented artist. At Art Dubai, Sami Al Turki will show images from ‘Bazarkh Concept’, in which a wry yet piercing eye is cast over the artist’s experiences of finding a physical and emotional need for a home, works which echo with opposite poignancy, the title of the series - ‘Barzakh’, translating as ‘a state of in-between, neither here nor there’.