Video(works) - Group Exhibition

May 14 – Jul 13, 2013

Video(works) - Group Exhibition

May 14 – Jul 13, 2013

Since the 1960s and advancement of technology, video art has taken a prominent route to becoming a fundamental contemporary art medium. With a growing number of international and Arab artists expressing their views, Athr Gallery is proud to present Video(works), a distinctive exhibition in that it celebrates the medium of video art rather than a specific theme or topic.

Video(works) is an elaborate introduction to video art for the region, showcasing artworks by the likes of Ahmed Mater and his unique camera view of Jamrat (the stone throwing ritual in Hajj), Ziad Antar’s short art/documentary on the 2006’s war in Lebanon with a mixture of sounds and visuals, and Adel Abidin’s commentary on war and pop culture, next to Hans Op De Beeck’s architectural video masterpiece “Staging Silence 2”, David Zink Yi’s street dance performance and Sami Alturki’s protest on overwhelming advertising billboards in the region.

Participating artists:

Adel Abidin

Sami Alturki

Ziad Antar

Hans Op De Beeck

Ayman Yossri Daydban

Hazem Harb

Ahmed Mater

Motaz Nasr

David Zink Yi