Bokja is a design and craft studio that produces one of a kind furniture pieces and artistic installations. Each piece is rooted in tradition passed on by generations. The brand has become more that just a quest for beauty, it is a dialogue and a voice, using a strong textile language comprised of visual vocabulary and material history.


The furniture line is comprised of both Classics and Coups de Coeurs (one-off pieces).

Bokja Classics are inspired by mid-19th century furniture and are often completely original contemporary designs. Every time Bokja reproduces a Classic frame the fabric varies, in a unique assemblage of fabrics and embroideries.

The Coups de Coeur are one-off frames that are not reproducible. They are either vintage frames or limited edition designs and are a testament to the spontaneity of the brand.


Inspired by the new reality around us, and referencing a world and its people forever on the move; Bokja addresses the phenomena of packing up your family and possessions in search of a new place to call home. Be it for war, love, or taxes, everyone has a story of migration, Bokja presents these hand-crafted stories of individual migrants, as they become displaced journeyers in search of new beginnings. The pieces in the collection become bundles of dreams and hopes portrayed in embroideries and assemblages, while depicting a tender rawness to the materials and emotions behind them.