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September 3, 2014 - By ArtReview

Athr Gallery's on-going exhibition 'The Language of Human Consciousness' reviewed in ArtReview Asia under "Ten exhibitions you won’t want to miss this autumn".

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Geometry as a universal language of human consciousness

July 19, 2014 - By Selma Roth for Saudi Gazette

Rather than merely celebrating geometric art in Islam or the Middle East, the exhibition, under the name “The Language of Human Consciousness,” tries to put geometric works out of their political, social, cultural, or even geographical settings. Away from its context, the viewer is able to appreciate the art works in itself and as a universal language.

Athr Gallery Present the Biggest Art Exhibition in The Kingdom

July 19, 2014 - By Ahmad Al Ghannam for Al Riyadh

An Art Exhibition Inspired by Geometry here in Jeddah

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The Language of Human Consciousness Panel Disscussion

July 9, 2014


Rasheed Araeen, Dana Awartani, Richard Deacon, Saleh Barakat presenting the late Gebran Tarazi & Dr. Ahmed Moustafa.

Thursday, 10th of July, 2014

10.00 – 11.00 pm



Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

For thousands of years, the question of whether the basics of geometry came naturally to all humans or if they had to be taught; has been explored. According to Plato’s writings, Socrates attempted to determine how well an uneducated slave in a Greek household understood geometry, and eventually concluded that the slave’s soul ‘must have always possessed this knowledge’.

In the midst of startling havoc; humans by this very instinct seek to find order in this chaos, to reason with it; translating it to a language that is perhaps visual and universal is a common field of exploration for scientists and artists alike.

Athr Gallery will deliver a groundbreaking exhibition titled The Language of Human Consciousness in July 2014 and will include work by over 40 artists from around the world. Most of these artists will be exhibiting work for the first time in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East at large. To inaugurate the opening on July 10, Director of TATE Modern London, Chris Dercon will moderate a discussion with pioneering artists in the field.

Athr Gallery has established itself as a leading cultural institution, in which providing a platform for local Saudi artists is at its core. Through this exhibition – in which both local and international artists will be showcased side-by-side – the intended impact and potential benefits are twofold: establish an association between local Saudi artists and leading international artists, and provide an opportunity for the public to experience international culture through a local exhibition.

The Language of Human Consciousness takes geometry as a starting point, accepting its heritage as a symbol of purity, intelligence and perfection and bringing it towards a more contemporary interpretation as a language for exploring the atypical, the imperfect and the alternative. Works are brought together that seek to dissect segments of times, contexts and places and open them up to universal interpretation. The works, in the potency of the contradiction between their infinite possibilities as geometric compositions and the range of their references – social, political, art historical or other - are reduced to a neutral ground: to a human and conceivable form.

The exhibition will examine geometry in a comprehensive exhibition that showcases a multitude of applications in geometry. The dynamic exhibition will include sacred geometry as well as work that unconventionally utilizes geometry, an example of the latter would be the work of Sama Mara, who will present a series titled A Hidden Order, a culmination of several years of collaboration between composer Lee Westwood and artist Sama Mara; where they attempted to interpret music into a visual geometric form. To realise this ambitious exhibition, Athr Gallery has collaborated with over 20 leading galleries around the world – From Lisson Gallery in London to Galleria Continua in San Gimignano and The Third Line in Dubai.