Sara Abdu


SAB ASleeplessSaviorPart II

Sara Abdo is a Yemeni artist whose work challenges perceptions of beauty and explores the notion of opposites- be it between the beautiful and the grotesque, reality and dreams, the unconscious and the lucid. Her technique involve the use of dry black ink on paper, and perceives the reworking of her stroke as both exhausting and cathartic- an equally conflicted reflection as the themes she explores in the work itself. Abdu aims to question humanity’s free will, whether we are free agents, or controlled and bound by an inevitable fate. She in equally interested in exploring the mechanisms by which our identities are formed.

Sara Abdu was born in 1993 in Jeddah where she currently lives and works. She first acquired a diploma in graphic design and digital art from the Future Institution of Higher Education and Training (FIL), and then a B.A in English Language & Literature from The Arab Open University. She completed a residency program at La Cité internationale des arts Paris France [2017].

Her solo show, titled The Intangible Bonds in Our Existence, was held at Athr, Jeddah [2014]. Abdu has participated in a number of group shows including: Safar, 21,39 Jeddah Arts, Jeddah [2017], Letters, Athr, Jeddah [2017].

Her work is in the collection of The Green Box Museum, Amsterdam, and the Abdul Latif Jameel Foundation.