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Saudi Arabia’s Ithra hosts ‘Amakin’ art exhibit, straight from Jeddah

July 6, 2022 - Jasmine Bager - Arab News

DHAHRAN: A popular Arabic song by a legendary Saudi singer inadvertently became the inspiration for an entire art exhibition that debuted last year in Jeddah. For the first time, that exhibit is now housed in Dhahran, where original works of art serve as personalized portals of nostalgia that allow viewers to take a trip down memory lane to real or imagined destinations.

The 19 artists from Saudi Arabia are: Abdullah Al-Othman, Abdulhalim Radwi, legendary artist Safeya Binzagr, Reem Al-Faisal, Bashaer Hawsawi, Emy Kat, Mohammed Hammad, Obadah Al-Jefri, Sara Abdu, Badr Ali, Asma Bahmim, Hussein Al-Mohasen, Muhannad Shono, Lujain Faqerah and Shadia Alem.


Abu Dhabi Art 2021 promises plenty of opportunities for change after the pandemic

November 15, 2021 - Alexandra Chaves for The National News

The halls of Manarat Al Saadiyat have been repopulated with artists, gallerists, curators and visitors as Abu Dhabi Art returns to a physical format this year.

More than 600 artworks are on display in booths across three galleries in Manarat Al Saadiyat. 

Among the standout booths is Athr Gallery from Jeddah, showcasing ink on paper works by Yemeni artist Sara Abdu, collages by Saudi artist Mohammed Al Faraj and mixed media pieces by Lebanese-British artist Aya Haidar.



An Exhibition Of Saudi Contemporary Art Explores The Universal Elements Of Time And Space

August 6, 2019 - Rebecca Anne Proctor_Harper Bazaar Arabia

The exhibition, which takes place at Ithra, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, displays the work of some of Saudi Arabia’s most pivotal contemporary artists


Three old wooden doors are inexplicably alluring. The first one is colored in a vibrant shade of turquoise yet numerous scratchings on its surface tell of years of use. The central one, unpainted and found in a light tan hue, is the most intact of all three and has a silver door handle while the third is the most battered, scratched and beaten—time has worn its originally soft surface into a battlefield of a wear and tear.

It’s become battered, discarded and devoured by the harsh desert and beaming with one last purpose through Saudi artist Moath Alofi’s work, The Doors of Thad (2019), part of the ongoing project The Last Tashahhud.


Where We Are Going Today: Athr Gallery


Athr Gallery is a contemporary art space that, for the past decade, has provided a link between contemporary artists and the Saudi public. Founded by Hamza Serafi and Mohammed Hafiz in 2009, Athr Gallery has played a major role in building the modern art scene in the Kingdom, and in doing so, has provided a steady creative platform for emerging and established local and international artists.
Across its multi-level showrooms, Athr Gallery also offers guests a visual arts bookshop, a rooftop terrace, and an array of food outlets and coffee shops. In addition, the gallery is developing a cultural exchange scheme with international artists and curators, as part of its commitment to promote cultural dialogue between Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.

The Clock are Striking Thirteen

February 8, 2018

Opening on Thursday, February 8th, at 7:30pm, Athr presents “The Clocks Are Striking Thirteen”, a group exhibition, as part of 21,39 Jeddah Arts. The participating artists are Aya Haidar, Ayman Yossri, Dana Awartani, Larissa Sansour, Maha Nasrallah, Moath Alofi, Mohammed Abdelrasoul, Mohammed Al Faraj, Mohammed Monaiseer, Muhannad Shono, Nasser Al Salem, Reem Al Nasser, Sara Abdu, Tamara Al Samerai, Wael Shawky and Zahra Al Ghamdi. The exhibition is curated by Maya El Khalil.

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